Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas Stocking, Standard Gauge

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This stocking is made from cuff down, knit flat, with the seam on the side.  I designed the fairisle patterns and motifs in DK7 but can easily be made on a punch card machine.  The motifs are a couple rows wider than a 24 st punch card but duplicate stitches can be added later to complete the pattern.

Machine:  Standard Brother KH965i
Yarn:  Tamm 3 Ply Astracryl
Tension 4
Gauge:  8.5 sts and 12.5 rows = 1”
Size:  Approx 6.5” wide at cuff and 20” long

1)   CO 104 sts with scrap and ravel cord.
2)   T4, RC000, K42R for lining of cuff.

3)   Knit 42 more rows, placing fairisle patterns at desired spacing.  Lettering will need to be flipped both horizontally and vertically in DAK.
4)   Hang hem, K1R at T6 with CC from R to L.  Start w/COL for DAK patterning.

1)  T4, change to main color yarn and knit a total of 124 rows after the cuff and to the beginning of the heel, placing fairisle pattern 24 rows below cuff and evenly spaced on the sides.  Run a lifeline before starting the fairisle pattern and take note of RC.  The fairisle pattern will need to be flipped upside down in DAK.  
2)  Decrease down to 84 sts by using a 3 prong tool to decrease 1 st at each end of every 12th row 10 times.  (At RC 96, 108, 120, 132, 144, 156, 168, 180, 192, 204)
3)   Knit even to RC208 total; this includes the cuff row count.  (COR)

1)   T4, change to contrasting yarn and place left half of sts (42) into HP.  Heel to be worked on R hand side.
2)   Shortrow down to 14 sts by:
               a.  At carriage side, pull 1 ndl in to HP til the same number of ndls on each
                    side and the ndl next to the carriage is wrapped.  COL.  (14 sts on ea side
                    in HP)
               b.  Do not knit across, but put the 1st ndl opposite the carriage into WP and
                    then K across.
               c.  Repeat til all ndls are in WP.  Be sure to wrap the needle next to the
                    carriage on each row.  COR.

1)   T4, RC000, change to main color yarn and knit a total of 56 rows. 
2)    Using a 3 prong tool, decrease down to 74 sts by decreasing 1 st at each end of
        every 10 rows 5 times.  (At RC 10, 20, 30, 40, 50)

1)   Working on right hand side, repeat shortrowing as for heel, work down to 13 sts.
      (12 sts on ea side in HP)
2)   Scrap off.

1)  Graft the toe seam from purl side.
2)  Mattress stitch the side seam, picking up 2 ladders instead of 1.
3)  Lightly steam to block.
4)  If desired, tack a piece of fine nylon tulle over the back of the fairisle motifs to cover the yarn floats.

I-Cord Hanger (If desired):
1)  From the inside of the cuff, hang 4 sts at the top of the cuff, centered in the middle of the heel side.
2)  T4, knit a 4 st I-cord for 4” long (60 rows).  
3)  Bind off and sew to beginning of the cord at the cuff line.

Placement of duplicate stitches
Covered floats



  1. I love these Christmas stockings. Thank you for sharing!:)

    1. Thanks for your nice compliment. This is a basic stocking pattern and you can use your own fairisle designs or embellish as you like. Happy knitting!