Sunday, January 27, 2019

More Baby Socks
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I’ve been in the ‘knitting for baby’ mode for a new grandbaby in the family and can’t believe I haven’t posted these little socks on my blog yet.  Guess I’ve been preoccupied.  These are made on my standard gauge machine with a couple different brands of non-wool self striping sock yarns.  I’ve knit them flat and seamed the side later but could easily be knit in the round if desired.   My pattern is designed with a 3-1/2” sole to fit 0 to 3 months but can easily be resized by adjusting stitches and rows.  
They are just adorable and mom and baby just love them.  The two yarns are Premier Wool Free Sock Stripes which is acrylic and polyester, and Loops & Threads Perfect Pair yarn which is acrylic, polyester and bamboo.  Both are easy knits and soft for baby.   So here we go.
Size: 0-3 mos (3.5” sole)
Machine:  Standard gauge
Tension 6
Gauge:  9 sts, 12 rows = 1”
1.  CO 40 sts in 1x1 ribbing.
2.  Knit 14 rows (or 30 rows for a foldover cuff).
3.  Transfer ribber stitches to main bed.  (or do a mock or latched rib if you don't have a ribber.
Knit 17 rows total in the ankle. 

BUT if you want an eyelet row,
            a.  Knit 6 rows and make eyelets by transferring one stitch to its neighbor beginning
                with the 2nd needle from the left.  The eyelet row looks like this after transfers are made:
                  . x .. x .. x ….. x .. x .. x .. x ..  etc,  to end of row.
            b.  Keeping empty needles in work, knit 11 more rows to make a total of 17 rows.
1.   Put half the stitches away from the carriage into hold position.
2.   Make sure there are even stitches in work, put machine on hold and shortrow down to 8
       stitches and back out.
1.  Knit 28 rows.
2.  Decrease EON, move stitches together and knit 2 rows at T7.
3.  Gather live stitches and secure.
Mattress stitch the side seam using the 1/2 stitch on each side.  Use a Bickford seam in the ribbing.  Knit a 2 stitch I-cord at T2 for about 18”.  Weave the cord thru the eyelet row and double knot each end.  Or pompoms or tassels can be added if desired.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Baby Socks
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What’s a gramma to do for a new baby when mom is a Green Bay Packer’s fan and dad is a devoted Minnesota Vikings fan?  She knits a pair of each to wear on football game days during those friendly rivalries.  These socks are knit in the round on my standard gauge machine with ribber with shortrowed heels and toes, but they can be knit flat and seamed up the side if desired.
Size: 0-3 months  (3-1/2” sole)
Machine: Standard Gauge
Yarn:  Tamm 3 ply Astracryl
Gauge at T6:  8 sts, 12 rows per inch

1.     T7, CO 32 sts, 1x1 rib for 14 rows for cuff, 24 rows if you want a foldover cuff.

2.     T6, transfer all main bed stitches to ribber bed, knit 1 row and convert to circular with seam up the back on center of main bed, K to RC014.

3.     Then make an eyelet row for tie as desired, leaving empty needles in work. Eyelets on L6, L2, R2, R6 on main bed; L7, L3, R3, R7 on ribber bed.

4.     Knit to RC013 for ankle. (27 rows total in ankle)

5.     T5, shortrow heel down to 6 stitches and back out.

6.     T6, knit 36 rows for foot.

7.     T5, shortrow toe as for heel. Scrap off both beds.

8.     Graft toe seam, sew ribbed cuff with a Bickford stitch, secure all yarn tails and weave in.

Knit a 2 st I-cord at T3 for about 18” (approx. 260 rows) long and run thru eyelet row. Double knot ends of ties or attach pom-poms or tassels if desired.

This sock can easily be made larger by increasing CO sts and/or rows.