Friday, August 31, 2012

Furry Chemo Cap

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Machine:  SK860, 6.5mm midgauge
                KX350, 7mm midgauge, reduce T by 1 click
Yarn:  Lion Brand Fun Fur or comparable, 1  skein, 64 yds
          Moda-Dea Zing, T8 on KX350, 1 skein
Size:  Woman’s medium
          7-8” long, 8” wide unstretched
          Stretched to 20-21” circumference
Tension:  9   (KX350, T8.5)
Gauge:  Approx 4 sts and 6 rows = 1”

1)   CO 63 sts with waste yarn and ravel cord and e-wrap.
2)   RC000, T8, K4R.
3)   T9, Knit to RC043.
4)   T6, decrease EON and K2R.
5)   Decrease EON and move stitches together to make EON across the bed.  K2R.
6)   Decrease EON and move stitches together to make EON across the bed.  K1R.
7)   Cut yarn and run thru the live stitches on the needles, gather and secure.
8)   Loosely, sew the side seam with a flat Bickford type stitch.

Machine wash and dry on cool/cool to see it magically fluff out.  Brush the purl side with a nylon brush after drying if you want more 'fluff'.

This cap is quite stretchy widthwise so exact gauge is not necessary, but don’t make it too skimpy.  It must comfortably stretch to 20-21” in width.  This size will cover the ears and back of neck.  Reduce tension to 8 for a smaller size and/or adjust number of CO sts and rows for desired size.
Eyelash yarn has a definite direction so load the yarn in your feeder with the lashes pointing upward.  The lashes have a tendency to get caught in the gate pegs so after every couple of rows, pull down on your work to keep it knitting consistently. 
Cap is worn with the purl side out, the cast on edge will roll nicely toward the head. 
Also can be made on a bulky machine to any size by reducing sts, rows and tension by .75.  Experiment for desired size!
Can be made in the round with ribber by putting half the sts on the ribber and follow your machine instructions for tubular knitting.  
The varigated skeins of fur yarns usually have less yardage than the solid colors so allow for more than one skein per hat or make a smaller size.

Chemo Cap, Sport Weight

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Machine:  Silver Reed SK860 Midgauge, 6.5mm, with ribber
Yarn:  Redheart Designer Sport –or-
           I Love This Yarn Sport, 1 skein
Tension:  Main Bed T3, Ribber T5
     Redheart Designer:  6 sts, 9 rows per inch
     I Love This Yarn Sport:  6 sts, 8.5 rows per inch
Size:  Woman’s Medium, to cover the ears.
     (17-18” dia, 8-1/2 -9” long without stretching)  

1)   Scrap and ravel cord CO 104 sts, leaving enough yarn to sew up the hem seam.
2)   RC 000, T3.  Knit 36 rows (2”), ending with COR.
3)   Hang hem from the cast on edge.

To knit in the round:
4)   T6, K1R across.  COL.
5)   Set machine to hold, and move the sts left of 0 to hold position.
6)   Using scrap yarn, knit several rows over the working sts on the right hand side of 0.
7)   Remove the scrapped off sts from the machine and fold them across in front of the sts on the main bed.
8)   Put the needles in hold into working position, raise ribber one notch and hang the scrapped off sts onto the ribber.
9)   Replace the knitter arm with the ribber arm and set for tubular knitting.  Remove scrap yarn.

1)   RC 000, Main Bed T3, Ribber T5
2)   K even for 100 rows with Redheart, (94 rows with I Love This Yarn), ending with COL.
May adjust length here by adding or subtracting rows.
NOTE:  If not knitting in the round divide the number of rows by 2.
1)   Dec  on the 7th st by moving it to its neighbor evenly across both beds.  Depending on the number of CO sts, calculations may not come out evenly.  So just space evenly and jot down the number of sts left between each decrease.  The decreases should happen on the same needle each row.  Move sts together with transfer tool or garter bar. 
2)   K6 R.
3)   Dec  on the 6th st, move sts together, K6R.
4)   Dec  on the 5th st, move sts together, K6R.
5)   Continue in this manner til down to 2 needles left between dec.
6)   Move sts together, K4R, cut yarn and run the yarn thru the live sts with a large eyed needle.   
Gather, tie off and weave in yarn tail.
Sew hem seam with a flat Bickford type stitch.
Cap may be embellished with an I-cord flower as shown, a bow or a variety of crocheted flowers.  Remember to keep embellishments soft or removable so they won't cut into tender skin when laying down or resting.

Introducing My Happy Place

Now that I think I have things about set up the way I want them and have done a couple trial pattern posts, it's time I clue ya in on my happy place.  My knitting room is my happy place in life and it seems like all the world's troubles take second seat when I'm knitting.  Well, if I don't do stupid things along the way that prevent me from being happy with myself, that is.  I've been knitting long enough that things like that shouldn't happen but trust me, they do.  I am an avid sock knitter and have quite the following of my sock lovers so I'm really never at a shortage of projects to work on or gifts to make.  I've also dabbled in dyeing my own yarns which makes homemade socks even more special.  I love the possibilities of  dyeing.

And knitting chemo caps has found a near and dear place in my heart the last few years.  We have so many friends and family members that have gone thru or going thru treatments.  It just makes my heart ache each time I make a cap either for a close friend or donation but I can only hope that they bring a smile to their faces, even the funky ones.

I don't do a lot of garment knitting but I have been known to do an occasional jacket or sweater.  So, I'll probably be talking about socks along with techniques and other knitting but for the time being I'm going to focus on getting some machine patterns posted for chemo caps.  Even if you don't have a personal friend or family member that needs a cap right now, please consider making some for donation.  Not only will it help those in need, it will do wonders for your spirits to know that you can help in some little way.

                                                                     Happy knitting!

Chemo Cap, Transfer Lace

Machine:  SK860 6.5mm midgauge with ribber
Yarn:  I Love This Yarn, Sport Weight Tweed,
      1 – 2 oz skein, 184 yds
Tension:  Ribbing TR, Body T3
Size:  Woman’s, 19” dia, 8” tall unstretched
Please advise chemo warriors not to wear this hat in the sun. 
Their tender skin may sunburn thru the lace holes.
1)  CO 108 sts (Multiples of 9) in 1x1 ribbing.
2)  Tension R, rib for 9 rows.
3)  Transfer ribber sts to corresponding main bed needles.
4)  T3, K2R.
5)  Begin lace work, leaving 1 st on each side.
6)  Work transfer lace pattern for 44R (approx. 6”)
7)  K2R.
8)  T2, Work crown decrease as follows:
               * Decrease EOS, K2R,
               * Decrease EOS, move the sts to EON, K2R.  Repeat one more time.
               * Gather live sts and secure.
9)  Sew seam and ribbing with a flat Bickford type stitch.
Lace Pattern:
1.  Using a 3 prong transfer tool, start with the 2nd st from the right edge and * transfer all 3 sts one needle to the left, to have 2 sts on needle #5 and a lace hole on needle #2.
2.   Transfer the next 3 sts on the left of needle #5 to the right, leaving 3 sts on needle #5 and a hole on needle #8.  Skip 2 sts. * 
3.   Working from right to left, repeat pattern across the row from * to *,  as in chart below. 
4.   Make sure to work the transfers in the same direction throughout.  K2R and continue the pattern for approx. 6”. 

NOTE:  This hat can be made on any machine with any yarn by adjusting number of CO sts and rows according to yarn gauge.  Ribbing can be made without a ribber by working a latched rib or hung hem mock ribbing.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chemo Turban

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Machine:  SK860 Midgauge
Yarn:  Berroco Comfort DK, 1.5 skeins
Gauge:  T3, 6 sts and 9 rows = 1”
Size:  Woman’s Medium
This hat can be made with any yarn, any machine as long as the finished size of the body is about 9” W x 18” L to fit a medium woman’s head with no hair.


1)   E-wrap CO 110 sts, using scrap yarn and ravel cord.
2)   RC000, T2, K9R.
3)   Turn work, using either a garter bar or using several rows of waste yarn and rehanging.
4)   K9R and turn work.
5)   T3, continue knitting 9 rows and turning work for a total of 9 rolls.  (RC081)
6)   Turn work.
7)   K1R before beginning crown decreases.
NOTE:  Work may now be converted to circular knitting for the crown if desired.
1)   Beginning with needle L3, decrease by transferring every 7th stitch to its neighbor.  Then move stitches together.  This may be accomplished by using transfer tools, garter bar or by scrapping off with several rows of waste yarn and rehanging.
2)   T2, K4R.
3)   Dec as above:
Transfer every 6th stitch to its neighbor, move stitches together, K4R,
Transfer every 5th stitch to its neighbor, move stitches together, K4R,
Continue in this manner until EON remain in work, move stitches together, K2R.  (Approx 18 sts remain in work)
4)   Run yarn tail thru live stitches, gather and secure.
1)   E-wrap CO 10 sts.
2)   Knit in pattern of choice for 40 rows or about 5” long.
3)   Scrap off.
NOTE:  A nice band can be worked by CO 9 sts and moving sts 2 & 3 over to the edge st, then picking up the purl bump from st #4 to fill the empty needle on ea edge.  K1R and repeat for total length.  A 10 sts cable band with a 3x3 cable twist every 6 rows or a 2 row garter pattern is nice too, but use a pattern that will lay flat and not curl.
1)   Mattress stitch seam the crown, picking up the ladders from only a half stitch on each side, or use a flat Bickford stitch.  (Or knit in the round to have no seam.)
2)   Loosely, sew the body of the hat using a Bickford stitch from the wrong side.  (Don’t want a bulky seam here)
3)   Sew the CO end of the band over the public side of the seam between the first row of the first rolled ridge and the crown,  and sew the scrapped off end to the first row of ridge on the underside making sure to catch each live stitch.  Note that this little band is scrapped off to allow frogging if a shorter band is needed and it will leave no bulky seam against the head.  Tack the front of the band to the first row of first roll in front to hold the band in place.

Tiny Christmas Stocking

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Machine:  Standard Gauge
Yarn:  Trenzado, Tamm Sport, Tamm Trenzi, etc
Tension:  8
Gauge:  Unimportant
Size:  About 2” long
Note:  Can be made on any gauge machine with appropriate yarn but size will vary.
CUFF:  (4 rows)
1)  e-wrap CO 12 sts and K1R.
2)  Take the sts off onto scrap or garter bar,  turn work over and replace on the needles.
3)  K2R.
4)  Turn work over again and K1R.
NOTE:  The gartered cuff is not necessary.  You may work 4 rows of plain knitting if desired.
1)  K8R. 
1)  Put 6 needles opposite the carriage into HP and put machine on hold.
2)  Shortrow down to 2 needles and increase back out again.
      (To shortrow decrease, put needle next to carriage into HP and knit across, repeating til desired number of sts are in work.  Then put the first needle opposite the carriage into WP and wrap the  yarn under the first needle next to the carriage.  Repeat til all sts are in work again.)
1)  Take machine off hold and K6 rows total.
2)  Cut yarn, leaving a few inches for sewing and gather the live sts on the needles. 
I-CORD TIE, if desired:
1)  Pick up and hang 3 sts from the appropriate side of the stocking and hand on 3 needles.
2)  Set machine to slip in one direction and K100R.  Tie off by moving the 2 outside sts to the middle  needle.  Manually work 1 st and pull yarn end thru the stitch.
1)  Mattress stitch the side seam and tuck in all yarn ends.
Make the 2nd stocking by casting on from the opposite side of the machine and reversing all shapings.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome to my blog!  I never thought I'd be setting up a blog; just got a bit crazy tonight I guess.  So here I am. 
I probably won't have a whole lot of personal stuff here but I mainly want to have a place to share my machine knit patterns, crafts and related experiences with others. 
Hope it works out well and I'll try to remember to keep it updated.