Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Lesson in Pesky Yarn...Biasing
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Did ya ever run onto a yarn that just wouldn't cooperate?  I just did.  I chose a really nice superwash plied merino wool, did my swatch at a couple gauges and laundered per instructions.  Directions say to lay flat to dry which I did.  Look what happened to it....biased to the hilt.  I did the twist test and it passed miraculously so it should not have biased but here's proof.  I knew that nothing was going to cure biasing in stockinette stitch so I decided to work up a nice garter pattern that I would eventually use in a chemo cap...or any cap for that matter.  This yarn is so soft and nice that it will make a nice chemo cap.  I worked up a diagonal knit/purl pattern and ran it on my standard machine with garter carriage as I was working on something else at the time and took advantage of the graciousness of the g-carriage.  It turned out well, didn't bias and I'm really pleased with the pattern.  However my tension was a bit high so will need to lower it for the next hats with this yarn.  The yarn is very tender when it comes out of the washer, almost looks like a rag.  But it gains body as it dries, just can't be stretched or played with much until it's totally dry. 

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