Saturday, November 10, 2012

Socks Made to Fit
Any yarn and any machine may be used to make socks.  The key to any good sock is the fit.  No matter how beautiful or how expertly made, it won't be a good sock if it doesn’t fit.  This is my guide to getting a good fitting sock for me.  It may require a bit of tweaking for individual feet but this usually comes pretty close to any I’ve made by it.  Swatch your yarn to obtain gauge and follow these calculations.
Measure Foot:
*Around ankle (just above the ankle bones) -AND- around the arch.  If there is a lot of difference in the two measurements, use the smallest one in the formula to calculate number of cast on sts.
**Length of foot from end of toe to end of heel (standing on a ruler on the floor).
*A good rule of thumb to determine number of cast on stitches is by using the ankle measurement in inches times the number of stitches in your gauge per inch.  Subtract 10% if you prefer a tighter fitting sock.  Make sure it is an even number by rounding up or down.  You will be happy with your socks if they fit snugly but are not tight as most socks will stretch with wear.
**A shortrowed toe and heel for an adult sock will each be approximately 2” long, depending on the yarn and size.  Therefore, subtract 4” from foot measurement to determine how many rows to knit between the heel and toe.  I have found that reducing the length by 5 to 10% will give a satisfactory fit; i.e., my foot is 10” long, minus 4” to allow for the toe and heel, minus 1” (10%), times the number of rows per inch in my gauge = number of rows to knit for the foot section.  Multiply the number of rows by 2 for circular knitting.
                                                                         Example for a 10" foot
                                                               and 8.5" measurement around ankle:   

                                                              (10" long, minus 1" from total length)



  1. Hallo, and thanks for this instructions. It makes sence to me. I found this, read it and knitted my first pair of socks on my manual doble bed (old Silver 260). Have also seen T-time you have made, and its grate. But cant find the pattern, can you please put in ravelry?

    1. You're welcome. Yay for your first pair of socks! The pattern for the T-time top is already on Ravelry. Go to the first post of the MKAL: Sideways Knit thread and click on 'T-shirt pattern'. It is a great pattern and I'm sewing up my 2nd one today. I hope to post a little tutorial here in a few days. Thanks again.