Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY Decker Comb, Revisited

I have a great update to a previous post, DIY Decker Comb, that I posted on Sep 17, 2012.  A friend on sent her sweet husband on a mission to find a better way to hold the stitches on the Decker comb while turning her work.  He came home with a pack of hair bands and they do indeed work better than the report cover slider bar and binder clip that I came up with.  The hair bands cling to the metal transfer comb better, hold the stitches on nicely while turning work and not as cumbersome as the slider bar and clip combo.  It was a great find. 

As a reminder, I'm also showing the original tool with the slider bar and binder clip that I was working with and posted earlier.  The hair band works much much better.

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