Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Stars, Baby Blanket, G-carriage
(Click on photos to enlarge)

I just finished a g-carriage baby blanket.  I used Cheryl Jiles' dbj pattern from her Crib Quilts IV collection, did some redesigning in DAK, changed her original pattern hearts to stars and knit it on the g-carriage.  The dbj pattern can be ordered by contacting Cheryl Jiles at her 'under construction' website at  It is a great pattern and I've used it for several other g-carriage blankets over the years.

My pattern is 196 sts wide and 412 rows long, knit at T9 for the end borders and T10 in the body.  Finished measurement is 30 x 44”.  I CO with a double needle e-wrap and BO with a latch tool around the gate pegs. I used the Russian join to connect the skeins on this one. I was hesitant to use Russian joins with the g-carriage but they went thru just fine. And I’m really happy not to have to work in all the ends after the fact.


  1. I always made her blankets on the g carriage, didn't know there were patterns for dbj! Now I have to go home and look at those patterns again!

  2. She may have published some g-carriage blanket patterns but the books I have are for dbj. Either way, they're great designs.