Friday, October 18, 2013

A New Machine Knitter

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Me telling our granddaughter that she couldn’t ‘confiscate’ a scarf that I’d made for myself and saying that I could make her one later or better yet, I’d teach her how to make her own turned out to be the best thing that I could’ve replied.  She took me up on the offer to make her own and we now have a new machine knitter in this world.  I was sure hoping that one of the girls would become a machine knitter and it was looking like the odds were getting slimmer, but here she is.

I set up my little KX-350 midgauge machine on the kitchen counter for her a couple months ago and it’s still there.  The tuck lace scarf was only the beginning.  Since then, she’s knit a huge paneled blanket (in Dallas Cowboys’ colors, of course), several tuck dishcloths and lastly mittens.  She’s been pilfering through my stash, which also turns out to be a good thing.  And she’s got all kinds of plans for Christmas knitting this year.

Yay for her, I’m so proud of her!

Several years ago, I gifted my KX-350 to our other daughter-in-law when it looked like she was going to machine knit but then life got too busy for her with kids and working full time.  She has given that machine back to our granddaughter so she even has her own machine now.  (Yes, I did replace my machine that I gave to our daughter-in-law).

Enjoy the pictures and notice the smiles!