Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ribbed Knee Socks

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On the Christmas list for one of our granddaughters was a pair of neutral colored knee socks.  I usually have sock yarn on hand so I went stash hunting and came up with the perfect natural colored yarn.  So on to the pattern.  I’d never made a pair of knee socks before this and I spent a few days thinking out my plan of attack for the ribbing up to the knee to compensate for the larger-than-ankle calf.  And not having her here to measure, I was kind of taking a shot in the dark on size.  My shot worked out well and they fit!  I love it when one of my brain children work out well.  I must admit though that my decreasing in the ribbing needs to be improved to give better looking decreases, hence a better looking seam line.  I’ll take time later to work that out but she really liked the resulting socks, even with the bad decreases.
Machine:  Brother KH965i with ribber
Yarn:  Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn, 2 skeins
Gauge:  T5 in body for 9 sts, 11 rows per inch
Size:  9.5” foot
1)  CO 76 sts, with e-wrap CO, K1R to L and transfer sts to ribber in 2x2 ribbing.
2)   Hang CO comb and weights.
3)   T7, K114R in 2x2 rib.
4)   T6, dec one st each side, K12R.
5)   T5, dec one st each side, K12R.
6)   T4++, dec one st each side, K12R.
7)   T4, dec one st each side, K12R.
8)   Knit in rib at T4 to RC186 and decreasing the same as above, until 64 sts remain.
9)   For the ribbing seam up the back, transfer all mb sts to the ribber, K1R at T5.
1)  T5, move the outer 16 sts on each side to the main bed and K21R in circular.
1)  T5 and with one strand of Woolly Nylon shortrow down to 10 sts and back out.
1)   T5, return to circular knitting and K116R.
1)   Repeat as for heel.
1)  From wrong side, sew ribbing seam with one of the Bickford style seam.
2)   Kitchener stitch the toe seam from the purl side.


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  1. Thanks, Mar. I'm quite proud of them for my first go-round with knee socks.