Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Basket Cupcakes
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I don't know, I really think I go a little nutso sometimes.  In a former life when our grandkids were smaller and appreciated things like this, I decorated all their birthday cakes.  Then they got older and didn't have 'kid' parties anymore, some moved further away and I just got out of the cake decorating business.  This year, we went to our son and family's home for Easter dinner and I just got the bug to do some decorating again.  I found these cute little Easter basket cupcakes while surfing one day so I pulled out all my cake decorating supplies and off I went.  They're quite easy to do but guess I'd forgotten how time consuming even 24 cupcakes can be but they did turn out cute and they got rave reviews.  They're just oozing with sugar so not too many got eaten by the younger crowd but I sent the remainders home with our granddaughter who took them to work so they didn't go to waste.   They are cute as can be and I did get the cake decorating urge out of my system for a while again.

I used the Wilton's standard buttercream frosting recipe, colored with Wilton's leaf green icing color, with decorating tip #233 for the grass, guidance at   Instructions for the cupcakes suggested to use licorice sticks for the handles but I chose not to put all the handles on til Easter morning because the licorice stick from the one I did on Sat sucked up moisture from the frosting and cakes overnight and did a major flop over.  I even placed a toothpick on each side of the cupcake and used them as supports for the licorice but maybe the licorice needed to be older and more dried out. 

Cute, cute, cute.

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