Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fix Those Pesky Holes in Shortrowed Heels
Those pesky holes on the sides of heel shaping in circular shortrowed machine knit socks are easily fixed on the machine with a couple of simple extra steps.  There are several ways to hide the holes, but this is my all time favorite.  Just a note that I again did not devise this technique but have borrowed it from a seasoned machine sock knitter, 'Ozlorna' on Ravelry.  Check out her post at
Apparently this 'trick' came from the hand knit version of Japanese short rows.
This is what I call the 'bobby pin' trick.  It is easy to do and looks very nice. 

1)  Before beginning the shortrow decreases, hang a bobby pin on the yarn coming off the main bed and into the carriage.  Snug it up to the first stitch.  You may want to hang a clothes pin from the bobby pin if the magnets in your carriage interfere with its hanging down.
2)  Proceed with your shortrowing as usual…until you get to the last row.  Do NOT knit across the last increase row but hang another bobby pin on the strand of yarn coming off the main bed and into the carriage.  Snug it up to the first needle, put your needles back in working position and knit across to finish the shortrowing.
3)  After the last row of shortrowing, pick up the bobby pins and hang that stitch onto the first needle of the ribber bed on each side.  Remove bobby pins and raise the ribber back up into working position. 
Resume circular knitting on the side opposite the last heel row knit.


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