Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bootie Pin or Needle Cushion

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Are you always searching or fumbling for a needle, pins or your double eyed transfer tool?  Or maybe you need a quick little giftie for a needle crafting friend.  Here is a cute way to be able to find your needles or pins easily when you need them.  I make one baby bootie, cut a sole shape from a piece of cardboard so it sits flat, amply stuff the bootie with scrap yarn ends or fiberfill and tie the bow at the top.  Any bootie pattern can be used. 
I have one sitting beside each of my machines.  Or they can be taken to knit-ins, to a favorite easy chair or on a road trip.  I knit these on my standard machine with bits of odds and ends of yarn but they can be made on any machine because size isn’t a concern. 
Cute, huh?


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