Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brimmed Chemo Sun Hat
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Machine:  Bulky
Yarn:  Peaches and Crème worsted cotton, 3.5 oz
           1 strand of 10/2 cotton in brim only, small amount
Gauge:  4 sts, 7 rows = 1”
Tension:  T8 for brim, T6 for crown
Size:  Woman’s Medium, 21” circumference

Begin with the brim:  Make 2.  (See note below)
1.   Scrap/ravel cord, CO 70 sts.
2.   T10++, K1R.
3.   Use one strand of Peaches and Crème and 1 strand of 10/2 cotton, threaded thru separate tension units on the mast.  T10+, K1R.
4.   T8, K2R.  (RC004)
5.    *  Dec 9 sts evenly across, starting with ndl L2.
6.    Use a garter bar, multiple stitch transfer tool or scrap off
       and rehang to move stitches together after the decrease
       rows so there are no empty needles. *
7.    K4R.   (RC008)
8.    Repeat from * to *.   K4R.  (RC012)
9.    Repeat from * to *.   K3R.  (RC015)  (43 sts remain)
10.  T6, K1R.  (RC016)
11.  Scrap off.

12.  With wrong sides facing, hang the 2 brim pieces side by side onto 86 needles.  Remove scrap yarn.
13.  T6, K1R.  (without the 10/2 cotton)
14.  Beginning with needle #3L and keeping the empty needles in work, make an eyelet row by transferring every 3rd st to its neighbor to the right.  (Make an even # of eyelets)
15.  RC000, K18R.
16.  *  Beginning with needle #3L, evenly decrease 9 sts total across.  Use a garter bar, multiple stitch transfer tool or scrap off and rehang to move stitches together after the decrease rows so there are no empty needles.  K2R.  *
17.  Keeping the decrease stitches on the same needles as the previous decrease row, repeat decreases from * to * 8 times total til 14 sts remain.
18.  K1R, cut yarn and gather live stitches and secure.

Note:  The CO edge of the brim flares upward a bit too much for my liking.  I might suggest casting on, K1R, then turn by garter and continue with the hat. – OR -  Begin with 3 rows of garter stitch before beginning the decreasing.

1.   Use a flat Bickford type seam to sew the back and brim seams.
2.   To finish the brim, with the purl side up, begin at a side opposite a yarn tail and use a latch tool to loosely pull one stitch thru the other around and fasten off.  Remove scrap yarn.
3.   Machine wash and dry on cool water and warm heat.  Dry only until damp dry.  Fit to head or wig form and allow to finish by air drying.
4.   Steam press the edge of the brim to correct curling. 
5.   May use a fabric stiffener, spray starch, hair spray, sugar/water, etc to stiffen the brim. 
6.   Weave a ribbon, I-cord, braid, etc thru the eyelet row. 

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