Friday, August 31, 2012

Furry Chemo Cap

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Machine:  SK860, 6.5mm midgauge
                KX350, 7mm midgauge, reduce T by 1 click
Yarn:  Lion Brand Fun Fur or comparable, 1  skein, 64 yds
          Moda-Dea Zing, T8 on KX350, 1 skein
Size:  Woman’s medium
          7-8” long, 8” wide unstretched
          Stretched to 20-21” circumference
Tension:  9   (KX350, T8.5)
Gauge:  Approx 4 sts and 6 rows = 1”

1)   CO 63 sts with waste yarn and ravel cord and e-wrap.
2)   RC000, T8, K4R.
3)   T9, Knit to RC043.
4)   T6, decrease EON and K2R.
5)   Decrease EON and move stitches together to make EON across the bed.  K2R.
6)   Decrease EON and move stitches together to make EON across the bed.  K1R.
7)   Cut yarn and run thru the live stitches on the needles, gather and secure.
8)   Loosely, sew the side seam with a flat Bickford type stitch.

Machine wash and dry on cool/cool to see it magically fluff out.  Brush the purl side with a nylon brush after drying if you want more 'fluff'.

This cap is quite stretchy widthwise so exact gauge is not necessary, but don’t make it too skimpy.  It must comfortably stretch to 20-21” in width.  This size will cover the ears and back of neck.  Reduce tension to 8 for a smaller size and/or adjust number of CO sts and rows for desired size.
Eyelash yarn has a definite direction so load the yarn in your feeder with the lashes pointing upward.  The lashes have a tendency to get caught in the gate pegs so after every couple of rows, pull down on your work to keep it knitting consistently. 
Cap is worn with the purl side out, the cast on edge will roll nicely toward the head. 
Also can be made on a bulky machine to any size by reducing sts, rows and tension by .75.  Experiment for desired size!
Can be made in the round with ribber by putting half the sts on the ribber and follow your machine instructions for tubular knitting.  
The varigated skeins of fur yarns usually have less yardage than the solid colors so allow for more than one skein per hat or make a smaller size.

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