Friday, August 31, 2012

Chemo Cap, Transfer Lace

Machine:  SK860 6.5mm midgauge with ribber
Yarn:  I Love This Yarn, Sport Weight Tweed,
      1 – 2 oz skein, 184 yds
Tension:  Ribbing TR, Body T3
Size:  Woman’s, 19” dia, 8” tall unstretched
Please advise chemo warriors not to wear this hat in the sun. 
Their tender skin may sunburn thru the lace holes.
1)  CO 108 sts (Multiples of 9) in 1x1 ribbing.
2)  Tension R, rib for 9 rows.
3)  Transfer ribber sts to corresponding main bed needles.
4)  T3, K2R.
5)  Begin lace work, leaving 1 st on each side.
6)  Work transfer lace pattern for 44R (approx. 6”)
7)  K2R.
8)  T2, Work crown decrease as follows:
               * Decrease EOS, K2R,
               * Decrease EOS, move the sts to EON, K2R.  Repeat one more time.
               * Gather live sts and secure.
9)  Sew seam and ribbing with a flat Bickford type stitch.
Lace Pattern:
1.  Using a 3 prong transfer tool, start with the 2nd st from the right edge and * transfer all 3 sts one needle to the left, to have 2 sts on needle #5 and a lace hole on needle #2.
2.   Transfer the next 3 sts on the left of needle #5 to the right, leaving 3 sts on needle #5 and a hole on needle #8.  Skip 2 sts. * 
3.   Working from right to left, repeat pattern across the row from * to *,  as in chart below. 
4.   Make sure to work the transfers in the same direction throughout.  K2R and continue the pattern for approx. 6”. 

NOTE:  This hat can be made on any machine with any yarn by adjusting number of CO sts and rows according to yarn gauge.  Ribbing can be made without a ribber by working a latched rib or hung hem mock ribbing.

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