Friday, August 31, 2012

Chemo Cap, Sport Weight

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Machine:  Silver Reed SK860 Midgauge, 6.5mm, with ribber
Yarn:  Redheart Designer Sport –or-
           I Love This Yarn Sport, 1 skein
Tension:  Main Bed T3, Ribber T5
     Redheart Designer:  6 sts, 9 rows per inch
     I Love This Yarn Sport:  6 sts, 8.5 rows per inch
Size:  Woman’s Medium, to cover the ears.
     (17-18” dia, 8-1/2 -9” long without stretching)  

1)   Scrap and ravel cord CO 104 sts, leaving enough yarn to sew up the hem seam.
2)   RC 000, T3.  Knit 36 rows (2”), ending with COR.
3)   Hang hem from the cast on edge.

To knit in the round:
4)   T6, K1R across.  COL.
5)   Set machine to hold, and move the sts left of 0 to hold position.
6)   Using scrap yarn, knit several rows over the working sts on the right hand side of 0.
7)   Remove the scrapped off sts from the machine and fold them across in front of the sts on the main bed.
8)   Put the needles in hold into working position, raise ribber one notch and hang the scrapped off sts onto the ribber.
9)   Replace the knitter arm with the ribber arm and set for tubular knitting.  Remove scrap yarn.

1)   RC 000, Main Bed T3, Ribber T5
2)   K even for 100 rows with Redheart, (94 rows with I Love This Yarn), ending with COL.
May adjust length here by adding or subtracting rows.
NOTE:  If not knitting in the round divide the number of rows by 2.
1)   Dec  on the 7th st by moving it to its neighbor evenly across both beds.  Depending on the number of CO sts, calculations may not come out evenly.  So just space evenly and jot down the number of sts left between each decrease.  The decreases should happen on the same needle each row.  Move sts together with transfer tool or garter bar. 
2)   K6 R.
3)   Dec  on the 6th st, move sts together, K6R.
4)   Dec  on the 5th st, move sts together, K6R.
5)   Continue in this manner til down to 2 needles left between dec.
6)   Move sts together, K4R, cut yarn and run the yarn thru the live sts with a large eyed needle.   
Gather, tie off and weave in yarn tail.
Sew hem seam with a flat Bickford type stitch.
Cap may be embellished with an I-cord flower as shown, a bow or a variety of crocheted flowers.  Remember to keep embellishments soft or removable so they won't cut into tender skin when laying down or resting.

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