Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tiny Christmas Stocking

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Machine:  Standard Gauge
Yarn:  Trenzado, Tamm Sport, Tamm Trenzi, etc
Tension:  8
Gauge:  Unimportant
Size:  About 2” long
Note:  Can be made on any gauge machine with appropriate yarn but size will vary.
CUFF:  (4 rows)
1)  e-wrap CO 12 sts and K1R.
2)  Take the sts off onto scrap or garter bar,  turn work over and replace on the needles.
3)  K2R.
4)  Turn work over again and K1R.
NOTE:  The gartered cuff is not necessary.  You may work 4 rows of plain knitting if desired.
1)  K8R. 
1)  Put 6 needles opposite the carriage into HP and put machine on hold.
2)  Shortrow down to 2 needles and increase back out again.
      (To shortrow decrease, put needle next to carriage into HP and knit across, repeating til desired number of sts are in work.  Then put the first needle opposite the carriage into WP and wrap the  yarn under the first needle next to the carriage.  Repeat til all sts are in work again.)
1)  Take machine off hold and K6 rows total.
2)  Cut yarn, leaving a few inches for sewing and gather the live sts on the needles. 
I-CORD TIE, if desired:
1)  Pick up and hang 3 sts from the appropriate side of the stocking and hand on 3 needles.
2)  Set machine to slip in one direction and K100R.  Tie off by moving the 2 outside sts to the middle  needle.  Manually work 1 st and pull yarn end thru the stitch.
1)  Mattress stitch the side seam and tuck in all yarn ends.
Make the 2nd stocking by casting on from the opposite side of the machine and reversing all shapings.

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