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Chemo Turban

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Machine:  SK860 Midgauge
Yarn:  Berroco Comfort DK, 1.5 skeins
Gauge:  T3, 6 sts and 9 rows = 1”
Size:  Woman’s Medium
This hat can be made with any yarn, any machine as long as the finished size of the body is about 9” W x 18” L to fit a medium woman’s head with no hair.


1)   E-wrap CO 110 sts, using scrap yarn and ravel cord.
2)   RC000, T2, K9R.
3)   Turn work, using either a garter bar or using several rows of waste yarn and rehanging.
4)   K9R and turn work.
5)   T3, continue knitting 9 rows and turning work for a total of 9 rolls.  (RC081)
6)   Turn work.
7)   K1R before beginning crown decreases.
NOTE:  Work may now be converted to circular knitting for the crown if desired.
1)   Beginning with needle L3, decrease by transferring every 7th stitch to its neighbor.  Then move stitches together.  This may be accomplished by using transfer tools, garter bar or by scrapping off with several rows of waste yarn and rehanging.
2)   T2, K4R.
3)   Dec as above:
Transfer every 6th stitch to its neighbor, move stitches together, K4R,
Transfer every 5th stitch to its neighbor, move stitches together, K4R,
Continue in this manner until EON remain in work, move stitches together, K2R.  (Approx 18 sts remain in work)
4)   Run yarn tail thru live stitches, gather and secure.
1)   E-wrap CO 10 sts.
2)   Knit in pattern of choice for 40 rows or about 5” long.
3)   Scrap off.
NOTE:  A nice band can be worked by CO 9 sts and moving sts 2 & 3 over to the edge st, then picking up the purl bump from st #4 to fill the empty needle on ea edge.  K1R and repeat for total length.  A 10 sts cable band with a 3x3 cable twist every 6 rows or a 2 row garter pattern is nice too, but use a pattern that will lay flat and not curl.
1)   Mattress stitch seam the crown, picking up the ladders from only a half stitch on each side, or use a flat Bickford stitch.  (Or knit in the round to have no seam.)
2)   Loosely, sew the body of the hat using a Bickford stitch from the wrong side.  (Don’t want a bulky seam here)
3)   Sew the CO end of the band over the public side of the seam between the first row of the first rolled ridge and the crown,  and sew the scrapped off end to the first row of ridge on the underside making sure to catch each live stitch.  Note that this little band is scrapped off to allow frogging if a shorter band is needed and it will leave no bulky seam against the head.  Tack the front of the band to the first row of first roll in front to hold the band in place.

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