Sunday, September 2, 2012

English Rib Chemo Cap

Machine:  Silver Reed SK860, 6.5mm Midgauge with ribber
Yarn:  Bernat Baby Jacquards, 1 skein
                  Or any soft baby weight yarn
Tension:  0/0
Gauge:  Approx 3-1/2 sts, 8 rows per inch
Size:  Woman’s Medium
Dimensions:  7” inside diameter, 11” long; unstretched

1)   CO 88 in 1x1 ribbing with the outermost left hand needle
       on the main bed and the outermost right hand needle
       on the ribber. 
2)   T 0/0, RC000.
       K140R in English rib for foldover cuff,
       K120R for non foldover cuff.
Note:  A short version makes a nice sleep cap.
3)   Transfer ribber sts to the main bed.
4)   T2, K1R across.

Decrease Top:
1)   Dec on every 8th st, move sts together, K2R.
2)   Dec on every 7th st, move sts together, K2R.
3)   Dec on every 6th st, move sts together, K2R.
4)   Continue in this manner til 2 sts remain between
      decreases, move sts together, K2R.

Cut yarn, leaving enough for seaming.   Run the yarn thru the live sts with a large eyed needle.  Gather, tie off.

Working from the wrong side, sew the seam by catching the outermost sts. Pick up the knot from one edge, then the ladder between the rib layers on the other edge. This makes a flat, invisible seam.

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  1. I love this easy pattern and English Rib is so flexible. I knit many hats for the Salvation Army as we get donations of yarn and they are all small quantities, not enough to knit a sweater. thank you so much for posting this pattern. I just knitted one with leftover variegated sock yarn. I did 100 rows at T-2 (no rollover) and at the top I transferred rib stitches on top of knit stitches and knitted 10 rows of stocking stitch before threading yarn through. this makes a nice flat top and no shaping involved, just a seam to sew. Joan in Mississauga