Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chemo Bucket Hat

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Machine:  Bulky
Yarn:  Peaches and Crème worsted cotton, 3.5 oz
Tension:  T6   (T5 for smaller hat)
Gauge:   4.25 sts, 6.5 rows = 1”
Size:  Woman’s medium, 21” head circumference

1.   Scrap and ravel cord CO 85 sts.
2.   T7 (or T8 for a more flared brim), knit 14 rows.
3.   Either work a picot row by transferring every other 
      st to its neighbor to the right  -OR-  make a turn row 
      by knitting across all ndls at T10.
4.   T7 (or T8 as before), knit 13 rows.
5.   Hang hem from the first row of CO sts.

1.   T6, knit 1 row.
2.   If desired make an eyelet row by transferring every 3rd st to its neighbor to the right.
3.   Knit 20 more rows for a total of 21 rows, or height desired.

Crown Shaping:
1.   Begin crown shaping by:
      a.  Transferring every 11th st to its neighbor to the right.
      b.  Use a 3 prong transfer tool, garter bar, or by scrapping off and
            rehanging to move the stitches together to fill the empty
      c.   Knit 2 rows.
      d.   Continue decreasing by transferring every 10th st to its   
            neighbor to the right, move sts together and K2 rows.
      e.   Transfer every 9th st to its neighbor to the right, move sts
             together and knit 2 rows.
      f.    Continue in this manner til 15 sts remain. 
2.  Knit 1 row.
3.  Cut yarn and gather thru the live sts on the needles and fasten off.
4.  Sew side seam with a flat Bickford type seam.

Note:  If using a ribber, this hat may be knit in the round after the brim by transferring half the needes to the ribber bed and setting machine for circular knitting.

Can make any size by adjusting number of CO sts and rows.

Launder in washer on low temp and dry in a warm dryer until damp dry.  Then remove and form to head, work the brim to flare out and let air dry completely.

Run a ribbon, I-cord or braid thru the eyelet row to allow for size adjustment.

If not making an eyelet row, you may work a row of chain stitches over the first row above the hung hem.

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  1. Just letting you know this is a great pattern. I've made 3 so far lightweight (baby yarn and sock yarn) for hospice (spring is nearly here), and am making them on the Bond USM/ISM with a #3 keyplate. The third one I did I added 10 rows length for a more "slouch" beanie. Thanks, Slisen!