Friday, September 14, 2012

Links and Spam

Guess I did a no-no in the blogging world.  When I save or print an article from someone else's blog, I always copy/paste the link into what I want to save so I can remember where I found it 6 months from now.  So I came up with the brilliant idea to include the link to my blog in the text body of each of my patterns so it'd be there for those who chose to save or print them out.  Well, Google didn't like me doing that a whole lot and I was notified that I had created a spam blog and that it'd be deleted if I didn't appeal their claim.  Well, I did the appeal and went back and changed the real link to read 'slisen dot blogspot dot com'.  It won't link back to my blog now but atleast you will be able to find the origin later.  So that's the reason for all the edits today.  And I'll try to be good from now on.  :-)

Happy knitting! 

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