Monday, September 3, 2012

Chemo Kerchief

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Machine:  Standard Gauge with Ribber
Size:  Woman’s Med
Approx 20” head circumference and 16-17” long
Yarn:  Approx 2 oz
           Tamm 3 Ply Astracryl, (T6)
           Bebe Tamm (T7), or similar
Tension:  6 to 7
Gauge:  Approx 8 sts, 10 rows per inch
This kerchief can be made with any yarn and to any size by adjusting number of stitches and rows.  Knit them longer to tuck in under the ribbing at the back of the neck.

1)   E-wrap CO 2 needles.
2)   RC000.  To make a triangle, bring out to working position the first empty needle next to the knitting on the carriage side and knit across.
3)   Continue increasing by bringing out the first empty needle into working position on the carriage side and knitting across on each row until 21” wide, approx to RC148 (150 sts).
4)   Continue knitting without increasing for desired length.  For a 16” length, knit to RC160.
5)   Transfer every other stitch to corresponding ribber needles for 1x1 rib.
6)   T2/2, hang ribber weights evenly across, knit in ribbing for 13 rows.
7)   Transfer the ribber stitches to corresponding needles on the main bed.
8)   With carriage on the left, work a firm but not tight backstitch BO.  Or use any preferred BO with elasticity.
9)   Using a flat Bickford type seam, sew the ends of the ribbing together and about 1” of the back edge.
10)  Work in yarn ends, launder and steam to control the curl at the point and to give a nice drape.

Note:  A small overall tuck pattern adds a nice touch, but you will need to add a few rows to the length to make allowances for the altered gauge of the tucking.

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