Saturday, September 15, 2012

Long Stocking Hat

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Machine:  Standard, Brother 965i without ribber
Yarn:  Tamm Bebe, approx  9 oz total
Tension:  6
Gauge:  7.5 sts, 11 rows = 1”
Size:   Woman's Med (20” circumference without stretching, 34”- 37” long total)

1)   CO 152 sts with scrap and ravel cord.
2)   RC000, Knit to RC100.
3)   Hang hem and K1R at T8.
4)   T6, Knit to RC121.
5)   RC000, with a 3 prong transfer tool, work decreases on each side of
       every 5th row 25 times, then every 4th row 42 times til 16 sts remain,
       til RC297.  
       NOTE:  For a 3” cuff to turn up, dec on each side of every 5th row every
       58 times, then every 4th row 10 times, til 16 sts remain at RC330.
6)   Gather sts on needles and secure.

Sew side seam in mattress stitch and hide all yarn tails.
Add a large pompom if desired.

This hat can be made on any machine with appropriate yarn by multiplying the number of sts per inch by the circumference needed.  Can make any length desired. 

I used the Magic Formula calculator at  to determine decreases.

The stripe pattern was formulated by the random stripe generator at


  1. are the decreases every row 25 times each end making it 50 or every 5th row 25 times?

    1. The decreases are at each side every 5th row 25 times.