Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall is On It's Way

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Well, looks like fall is coming.  After such a hot and dry summer, it's kind of a relief to have it cooler but I'm not a cold weather person so I'm hating the thoughts of what comes after fall.  We had a good population of hummingbirds again this year although we think the first batch of babies became victims of the heat.  But they had a good second hatching.  They kept me pretty busy making bird food and keeping their feeders filled for awhile.  They've left for their migration south now so all we have left are the memories, pictures....feeders and bird poop to clean up.

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This morning, my husband caught a shot of this handsome guy browsing thru what was our garden.  Spose he was looking for morsels left over from the garden.  Not a very good picture taken thru 2 panes of glass, but exciting to see anyway.

That's another sad story when the garden gets mowed off.  Everything is done now but I do have a few tomatoes in the refrigerator yet.

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