Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How I Shortrow Sock Heels and Toes

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1.    To decrease in shortrowing, lower the ribber one notch, change to main carriage arm and put on hold, hang weights on front of work, at carriage side pull 1 ndl into hold position for automatic wrap and knit across. Hang weights as needed on the main bed work.

2.  Continue pulling the needle next to the carriage into hold position til there are desired number of sts left in working position. (The general rule is that 1/3 sts remain in work, however this is not necessary. Stay as close as you can to 1/3, but it is important that you have the same number of even sts in hold on each side before beginning the increase work).

3.  When you have the desired number of needles in work and the needle closest to the carriage pulled to hold position AND the same number of sts in hold on each side, do NOT knit across…immediately increase back out by putting 2 ndls opposite the carriage back into working position and then knit across.

4.  On subsequent rows, pull one needle at beg of each row on the carriage side into hold position AND two needles opposite the carriage into working position each row til all needles except a set of two needles on each side are again in working position.

5.  When increased back out to one group of two sts left on each side, put both sets back into work at the same time and knit across.

6.  To prevent a hole at heel sides, on both edges, use a single transfer tool to pick up the ‘purl heel’ of the first stitch on the main bad and transfer it to the 1st needle of the ribber

7.  A big thanks goes to ‘Vonkad’ on Ravelry for sharing the stitch crossing technique.  It is wonderful every time. 

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