Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christmas Stocking, Midgauge

Christmas is knocking on our door so it's time to get some knitting done.  These stockings are very easy and quick to make.  Can be done on any machine but gauge and yarn will determine its size.  Instead of stripes, try some fairisle patterning.  No ribber is needed as this stocking features a mock ribbed cuff but a machine with ribber will allow you to make a ribbed cuff of choice. 

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Machine:  KX350 or SK860
4 ply worsted yarn, 3.5 oz per stocking
T7 for body
T5 for mock rib
T6 for heel and toe
Gauge:  Unimportant
Size:  Approx 20” long, 6” wide

1)  CO EON 56 sts, with scrap yarn.
2)  T5, Knit 6 rows with scrap yarn.  COL.
3)  K1R ravel cord.  COR.
4)  RC000.  Knit 24 rows.  COR.
5)  Remove CO comb and weights.
6)  Hang hem to fill empty needles.  (You will have 2 sts on the right hand side.) 

1)  Pull all needles to hold position.  Rehang CO comb and weights.
2)  RC000, T7, K60 rows in desired pattern. COR.   

1)  Put machine on hold in both directions.  Use plenty of weights and downward pressure with fingers to ensure that all stitches knit properly, especially on the edges of the short rows.
2)  T6.  Put left half of sts into hold position.
3)  Short row down to 11 sts and back out. 

          To Short Row:
a.   COR.  Place 1 st on cam side into hold each row, K across.  Repeat til 11 sts remain in work. (8-11-9  sts)
b.   COL.  Place 1 st on carriage side into hold AND 1 st opposite carriage into work.  K 1 row.
c.    Place 1 st opposite carriage into work each row and manually wrap the ndl on the carriage side (to prevent holes), K across.  Repeat til all but 1 st is in work right of ‘0’.  COR.
d.   Bring all needles to hold position, take machine off hold.  

T7,  RC000.  Knit 30 rows in pattern as desired.  COR.

1)  T6,  Follow instructions for heel.
2)  Cut yarn, leaving a 30” tail. 
3)  Put on to scrap and remove from machine. 

Toe:  Kitchener the toe seam –OR- put half the needles out of work.  With right sides together, fold stocking in half and hang the body stitches with the sts behind the latches.  Hang toe stitches from the other half in front of the latches.  Close latches and pull the front sts thru the back sts so that one st remains on each needle.  Bring needles to hold position and K1R to the L at T9.  Back stitch bind off. 

Remove scrap yarns. 

Sew up side seam with mattress stitch.  Sew bell to toe and/or embellish as desired. 

Crochet a chain of desired length or make a 36 row I-cord at T3 for the hanger and securely attach to hem edge of the cuff.

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